Sunday, August 23, 2009

Picture Scavenger Hunt

Last week some friends and I went on a picture scavenger hunt! You know, the kind with the crazy lists and you take pictures of eachother doing dumb things? That's the one! we had a lot of fun! There were 8 of us so we split up into two groups of 4! Everything went smoothly until the end where Brandon's car died and the other team had to give us a jump! When we called they thought we were cheating! Here are some of the pictures for you to enjoy! (Im missing a few, like the fire station one)

Hiding under a bed! (Thanks Dan for allowing us to use your bed, your hammock, your shower, and Jake's bike!)
In a hammock

With a Wal-Mart greeter!

In a shopping cart!

Going down a slide (extra points if its a spiral slide) why?...i dont know!

a Beware of Dog sign!

a wild animal! (it didnt specify if it had to be alive)

an out of state license plate!

in the shower! (extra points if you were wearing shower caps!...we werent)

a Harley Davidson motorcycle! (the other team got a pic with the rider on the bike, they get extra points...where was Jake when you need him?)

wearing In-N-Out hats!

Serving a meal to a guest at a restuarant! (Luckily this kind man was at the right place at the right time! Thanks Bro. Polmoroy)

In mid air!

Bagging groceries!

sharing a soda!

hanging spoons of our noses!

mimicking a statue! (it didnt specify that it had to be human)

with blue tongues!

somewhere you could use the phrase "i cant believe we all fit in here!?"

(this is a men's XXL by the way)

reading a book! (thank you Wal-Mart employee for creating our memory)

wearing hard hats! (no, we are not wearing yellow, construction hard hats but these are still "hard hats")

with lamps on our heads!

sitting in a chair together! a bean bag chair to be exact!

doing a handstand! (this shows my ability to do a hand stand perfectly!)

hanging from a tree by your knees!

graffiti on a public bathroom!

create a public work of art! (we used pepper)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Saturday I went on the best hike ive ever been on! We went to Cibique (past Globe) and spent all day hiking from 7:30-6:30! it was awesome!! Theres so much to say about it so ill just let the pictures do the talking...
Poor Sean! We had been hiking for about 3 minutes when he ran into a branch & cut his eye! Luckily Mitch had a small first Aid kit & no one fainted from the sight of gushing blood!

Waterfall #1 it was pretty! the water was cold but we were hot from hiking anyways!
There was a small ledge so we crawled to the end of it!
We were all getting ready to jump off! i thought "hey instead of jumping off into the freezing water ill just climb down the rocks!" bad idea! i couldnt go back the way i came so it was either jump or be left! So i started climbing down and lo & behold i slipped! next thing i knew i opened my eyes and saw dirty water over my head! my first thought..."oh crap!" Jarod, Mitch (the upside down one) and Sean!After we scaled a giant rock wall with a rope latter and hiked another 2 miles we made it to Waterfall #2! it was more like 3 waterfalls put together! it was awesome! the water was so strong it kept pushing me down! Brandon & IOn the way to the 2nd waterfall you have to spider climb up the walls & through the raging waterfall! It was fun & made me feel very athletic! Luckily I had 4 guys to help me cause i wouldnt have made it up that waterfall by myself! Going down it, however, is another story! The water was pushing me so hard i had to have one guy on top holding my hand and one guy helping me down! They were probably thinking "who brought a GIRL!"Yes, i did eventually make it over the waterfall & spider climbed down the walls & back into the neck high water for out long swim/hike out of there!We "hung around" for a while to take pictures (noticed Mitch's foot on Jared's head!). I, however, was distracted and disgusted by the frogs on the wall! i despise frogs! everytime i went to place my foot or grab a rock i noticed a frog clinging to the wall! i had to take a deep breath & try my best to ignore them! it didnt help that Jarod caught one & chased me around with it! gross!After a long day of hiking you cant leave waterfall #1 without cliff jumping! We had to talk Mitch out of backflipping but his jump still looked cool anyways! Everyone fell asleep during the ride home (some with their eyes open....Jarod!! creepy) Then we stopped for Taco Bell and went home & showered!...At least i hope everyone showered!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game...

Saturday and Monday my friends and I went to the Diamondbacks game! Im not a huge basball fan but when theres free tickets involved im there! it was fun! We beat the Pirates on Sat. but lost to the Phillies on Mon! I also hit it off with the Phillies outfielder Jayson Werth! Apparently constant waving everytime he turns around gets you a glove wave and a head nod! Yeah we pretty much hit it off! haha
The car ride was probably the most fun! Ive never heard that many guys singing the Backstreet Boys at the top of their lungs!
And Taylor Swift won over the whole country! This specific car full of guys especially! They knew all the words! haha
Im ready for the next Diamondbacks game!
For its 1...2...3 strikes your out at the ol' ball game!!!

Mitch, Jason & some of Brandon

Jason, Brandon, Jake & Mitch (i couldnt get Jarod, Jeff and Larissa they were on the other side of me)

We moved to the top of the seats! it was super high!

Jake died on the car ride there!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Whitney meet my husband"..."your HUSBAND?"

About 2 weeks ago my friend Kirstie got married in the Salt Lake Temple. Her older sister got married the next day at the Mesa Temple. They switched off being eachother's bridesmaides and had receptions in Utah and Arizona. I went to Elisha's reception on Saturday night! I got to meet both of their new husbands! They were very nice and very cute! Afterwards Kirstie, her husband Bryce, and I met up with Sarah at Ocean Blue for some ice cream! We sat outside for about 2 hours reminiscing on old times and letting Bryce in on all Kirstie's embarassing moments! We talked about things we did in elementary school, junior high, and high school! Wow we've known eachother a long time! It was so fun to catch up and i laughed so hard i cried! But that's what good friends do to ya!

Monday, June 8, 2009

State Boards

Today i took my state board test for cosmotology! I was nervous (no practice for 3 months will do that to ya) but when it finally started it was no problem! I think i did pretty well! Today was the practical exam (3 long hours of silence & staring judges) and tomorrow i take my written test! fingers crossed i passed & tomorrow will be a breeze!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Canyon Lake-Cliff Jumping

Last Thursday some friends and I went to Canyon Lake and went cliff jumping! im a little chicken so i didnt jump off the huge cliff but i did do a back flip off a cliff...thats cool!....right? haha
Tyler G.

crazy guys!

Tyler & Nick