Sunday, August 23, 2009

Picture Scavenger Hunt

Last week some friends and I went on a picture scavenger hunt! You know, the kind with the crazy lists and you take pictures of eachother doing dumb things? That's the one! we had a lot of fun! There were 8 of us so we split up into two groups of 4! Everything went smoothly until the end where Brandon's car died and the other team had to give us a jump! When we called they thought we were cheating! Here are some of the pictures for you to enjoy! (Im missing a few, like the fire station one)

Hiding under a bed! (Thanks Dan for allowing us to use your bed, your hammock, your shower, and Jake's bike!)
In a hammock

With a Wal-Mart greeter!

In a shopping cart!

Going down a slide (extra points if its a spiral slide) why?...i dont know!

a Beware of Dog sign!

a wild animal! (it didnt specify if it had to be alive)

an out of state license plate!

in the shower! (extra points if you were wearing shower caps!...we werent)

a Harley Davidson motorcycle! (the other team got a pic with the rider on the bike, they get extra points...where was Jake when you need him?)

wearing In-N-Out hats!

Serving a meal to a guest at a restuarant! (Luckily this kind man was at the right place at the right time! Thanks Bro. Polmoroy)

In mid air!

Bagging groceries!

sharing a soda!

hanging spoons of our noses!

mimicking a statue! (it didnt specify that it had to be human)

with blue tongues!

somewhere you could use the phrase "i cant believe we all fit in here!?"

(this is a men's XXL by the way)

reading a book! (thank you Wal-Mart employee for creating our memory)

wearing hard hats! (no, we are not wearing yellow, construction hard hats but these are still "hard hats")

with lamps on our heads!

sitting in a chair together! a bean bag chair to be exact!

doing a handstand! (this shows my ability to do a hand stand perfectly!)

hanging from a tree by your knees!

graffiti on a public bathroom!

create a public work of art! (we used pepper)